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Who is SolAqua

SolAqua Inc., a global leader in renewable energy solutions offers state-of-art solar products and packaged systems. We pioneered the solar hot water collectors with our innovative patented designs and full-automatated production line, All our products are manufactured in compliance with international standards, guarantee product quality, energy efficiency, and safety.

SolAqua solar collectors are exported to America, Australia, South Korea, Africa market, and have a lot of successful applications. 

We welcome friends who are keen on solar energy from all over the world. Let’s contribute to energy saving and emission reduction and create a green home for our future generations.

Why Choose SolAqua

Your Trustworthy Business Partner

Short Delivery Date

SolAqua has a complete supply chain, all solar collector orders will be delivered within 30 days.

Diamond Quality Assurance

Products are made in strict accordance with international standards, price 10 years warranty for all solar collectors

AIG Product Liability Insurance

SolAqua Offers AIG product liability insurance for all clients, help clients to save insurance cost.

Excellent Performance

SolAqua solar collectors have excellent performance, which will help to get more rebate from your government

Achive Five International Certification

SolAqua solar collectors have been approved by SRCC (the U.S.), Solar Keymark(The European), KS(South Korea), WaterMark( Australia), DCL(Dubai) certification

Advanced Production Equipments

SolAqua pioneered solar hot water collectors with patented technology that provides a simple, energy-efficient, and cost-effective way to heat water for your home, business, or pool.

Automatic Production Line
3M Automatic Gluing Machine
ABB Robot Workstation
Digital Display Cutting Machine
Laser Welding Machine
Punching & Flanging Machine
Grid Bending Machine
Heated Air Circulation Drying Oven

Strict Quality Control System

Strength Test Of Laser Welding
Compressed Air Leakage Testing
3M Adhesive Tensile Test
Leakge Test for Grids
Impact Resistance Test
Rain Penetration Test

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