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Why chose Solar water heating?

Every hour the sun shines on earth produces enough energy to meet the world’s energy needs for an entire year. Unlike traditional energy, which takes a lot of time to refine and burn fossil fuels, anyone can buy and install solar collectors and enjoy abundant solar resources. Solar water heating is an important part of solar energy utilization, in many residential, commercial, industrial, and other buildings, the use of solar water heating systems can provide users with 80% of the hot water demand, and effectively reduce the dependence on traditional energy. In the long run, the use of solar water heating systems can also lead to significant and long-term savings in electricity costs.

Utilization of solar water heating systems

For Industrial Drying

The initial temperature of drying materials in the conventional drying industry is 15℃, and the working temperature of drying is 70℃, which is consistent with the working temperature range of solar energy. The use of solar energy for the drying heating process, can greatly save the consumption of conventional energy, namely energy-saving and environmental protection.

The solar energy absorbed by the flat plate collector is converted into the heat storage tank, and the hot water in the tank is transferred to the fan coil unit in the drying room, and the hot air of high temperature and drying is blown to the material to be dried, so as to realize the drying of the material. Insufficient solar irradiation or on rainy days, use the auxiliary boiler to heat the water in the tank. The system can improve the utilization rate of solar energy and achieve a better energy-saving effect.

Using a solar drying system to dry materials not only lowered the cost, and saves energy but also improves drying quality, it has a broad development prospect in the field of industrial drying.

For Industrial Hot Water

Industrial energy consumption accounts for a considerable proportion of the energy consumption of the national economy development, water heating accounts for a substantial portion of energy use. Using solar hot water system in the energy supply system of industrial production, a high-performance flat plate solar collector is used to store solar energy in a water storage tank through a heat exchanger, and with conventional energy as a supplement, which can reduce industrial energy consumption and production cost, improving product competitiveness.

For Concentrated Supply

High-performance plate solar collector array layout on top of a building, the heat storage tank that meets the user’s demand capacity is placed in the load-bearing position of the building roof, basement, equipment room and other places.

Heat transfer cycle: when the temperature difference between the heat transfer fluid in the collector and the water tank is greater than the set temperature, the control cabinet outputs signals to control the start of the circulating pump, and the heat in the collector is circulated to the water tank through the heater transfer fluid, so that the water in the water tank gradually warms up.

Heating cycle: when the temperature of the water in the backwater pipeline is lower than the set value, the backwater solenoid valve is opened, the pressure in the pipeline drops, the water supply pump with the function of frequency conversion booster starts automatically, and the hot water in the water tank is pumped into the pipeline, and the cold water in the pipeline circulates into the water tank; When the temperature of the water in the backwater pipeline exceeds the set value 5℃, the backwater solenoid valve closes, the pressure in the pipeline rises, and the water supply pump stops automatically. The system can achieve constant temperature and pressure water outlets, and improve users’ experience.

For Space Heating

The Solar energy heating system uses a flat plate solar collector to gather solar radiation and convert it into heat energy. Using heat transfer liquid to heat water in the storage tank, Cooling components are used to transmit heat to the indoor to realize indoor heating.

For Swimming Pool Heating

In order to maintain a comfortable temperature in the swimming pool, it needs a lot of heat. The solar heating system integrates clean and environmentally friendly solar elements, suitable for sports stadiums, high-end hotels, clubs, resorts, and other places.

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