SolAqua Split Solar Water Heater

Split Solar Water Heater

7 years Warranty

AIG product liability insurance

  •  The system comes with a Wifi intelligent controller, which can control the system operation anytime and anywhere.
  • A water tank can be placed inside the house, providing more excellent safety in use, convenience in installation, and ease in maintenance.
  • Use heat transfer fluid, which can be used commonly even in cold areas
  • 300L,400L,500L systems to fully meet different household water requirements

Product Features

Titanium blue enamel coating has excellent corrosion resistance and complies with Australian standards and German DIN4753 standards. The resistance against 85℃ hot water.

The system is equipped with high sensitivity P/T relief valve to ensure the safety of the system. The Valve is CSA, ASME, ANSI, FHA approved.

High-efficiency anode rod anti-corrosion system, which uses the cathode action to protect the inner tank surface from corrosion.


The intelligent controller realizes the function of timing heating, anti-freezing protection of water tank, failure alarm, heating mode setting, and other functions.

The double-layer aluminum frames keep the structure much stronger, and have a better insulation effect

High quality blue selective coating absorber improves system efficiency


Germany Afriso Solar Pump Station PrimoSol CE Approved

Enamel Coating Heat Exchanger is used for the closed-circuit system, ensuring the solar system can be used for frost-prone or harsh water chemistry areas.

How it Works

SolAqua split solar water heating system mainly includes collectors, storage tanks, circulators, and other components. The solar collectors will be installed on balconies, walls, and sloped roofs, while the water tank can be installed on the ground or in the garage. Based on the different operating environments, the system can be divided into closed-circuit and open-circuit systems.

1. The system collects solar radiation through the collector and transfers the heat into the heat transfer fluid in the collector. The fluid transfers the heat to the heat storage tank to realize water heating through heat exchange. The increasing temperature of the collector will heat the water continuously.

2. The water storage tank stores hot water, and the system will use circulation pipes for heating. The electric booster in the tank works automatically to heat the water while the solar radiation is not enough.

3. When the heat transfer fluid in the collector absorbs solar energy and is heated, the rising temperature will activate the circulator (pump station). When the fluid temperature in the collector is higher than the water temperature in the solar storage tank, the circulator (pump station) will open. 


Model No.SSWH 300ASSWH 400ASSWH 500A
Solar Collector Specification
ModelSHT 2000ASHT 2000ASHT 2000A
Dry Weight35 kg35 kg35 kg
Collector Dimension2000X1000X76mm2000X1000X76mm2000X1000X76mm
Net Aperture2 X 1.85 m23 X 1.85 m24×1.85 m2
Header Tube Diameter(mm)φ22φ22φ22
Fluid Capacity1.30 L1.30 L1.30 L
Max. Working Pressure0.85Mpa0.85Mpa0.85Mpa
Absorber CoatingBlue Selective AbsorberBlue Selective AbsorberBlue Selective Absorber
Glass Cover3.2 mm low iron tempered glass3.2 mm low iron tempered glass3.2 mm low iron tempered glass
Performance Rating6.01kWh/day6.01kWh/day6.01kWh/day
Solar Tank Specification
Storage Capacity300 Liters400 Liters500 Liters
Boost Capacity(Electric)150 Liters200 Liters250 Liters
Weight Empty120 KG138 KG153 KG
Weight Full410 KG538 KG653 KG
Working Pressure0.85Mpa0.85Mpa0.85Mpa
Electric Boost ( Option)1.8kW, 2.4kW, 3.6kWW, 4.8kW1.8kW, 2.4kW, 3.6kWW, 4.8kW1.8kW, 2.4kW, 3.6kWW, 4.8kW

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