SolAqua Seasonal Solar Thermal Energy Storage Technology

About seasonal solar thermal energy storage system

During the usage of solar energy, to make sure the system can work normally all year round, system parameter selection is usually determined according to the parameters of the winter, due to the unbalanced solar energy in the winter and summer season, in the summer heat yield is greater than the demand, users have to use the radiator or other measures for preventing overheating to ensure the system run normally,  This not only increases the complexity of the system design and the overall investment but also wastes most of the solar energy resources.  The seasonal heat storage technology stores the surplus solar energy in spring, summer, and autumn and releases it for large-scale regional centralized heating and hot water supply in winter. It is the most advanced new mode of solar centralized heating in the world, which can maximize the use of solar energy and reduce people’s dependence on traditional energy.   

How to store the solar thermal energy?

TTES System
The TTES system (the water tank heat storage system) uses a large water tank to store heat, use water to store heat has the advantage of large heat capacity, good fluidity, and convenient heat access. In the seasonal solar thermal energy storage system, the hot water storage tank is generally cylindrical, which helps to reduce the shape coefficient and reduce the heat loss   
BTES System

The BTES system generally uses underground soil to store heat. A heat exchanger device is buried into the ground below a 30-100m shaft set up single U tube or double U tube. In the accumulation of heat, the solar heat will be stored in soil and rock through a medium such as water, and in the winter, the stored heat will be released through the medium.

Due to the low soil heat storage density, the BTES system is about 3 ~ 5 times that of the water tank heat storage system(TTES system). But the BTES system has higher geological requirements, and the geological types of rock and saturated soil are more suitable.

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