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The Best Solar Thermal Collectors Made In China

SolAqua High Performance Solar Collectors

  • Using 3M adhesive technology makes the collector’s appearance more simple and fashionable.
  • 100% thermal insulation drying process, effectively reduces the formation of water vapor and oil mist inside the collector.
  • Pioneering the vertical welding process makes grids welding more reliable.
  • The unique double-layer aluminum profile structure enables the maximum area of the collector to reach 3.72 square meters.

How Solar Collector Works

The flat plate solar collector is a special heat exchanger that absorbs solar radiation energy and transfers heat to the heating transfer fluid. 

The flat plate solar collector is usually composed of an absorber, frame, transparent glass cover, insulation, and related parts. After connecting a circulation pipe, and a water storage tank, it can be used to heat water.

As the leading product in the world solar energy market, the flat plate solar collector is always applied in the field of low- temperature. It can be widely used in domestic water heating, swimming pool heating, industrial water heating, space heating and air conditioning, and many other fields.

Although flat plate solar collectors are simple in design, there are huge differences in the production process. Different materials, production processes,  and quality control have an impact on the cost, efficiency, and lifespan of collectors. SolAqua is committed to providing the state of art solar collectors for clients all over the world.

SolAqua Collector Features

3M Tapes

SolAqua pioneered 3M adhesive tapes for bonding glass covers with aluminum casing, leading to a whole new look and patented design for flat solar collectors

Laser Welding

SolAqua uses laser welding technology to connect the absorber with grids,  ensure the solar collectors have a stable performance


Corner Protectors

Patented&leak-proof design can enhance the structure’s strength and more protection during transportation and installation

Aluminum Frame

Double-layer Aluminum Extrusion Casing can improve the heat retention of the collector and strength the structure


Technical Parameter

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