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The Best Roof Top Solar Water Heater

Thermosiphon Solar Water Heater

  • Innovative design, stable performance, no maintenance, thermal efficiency increased by 10%
  • High-efficiency insulation enamel water tank, eliminates secondary pollution to water
  • The system uses heat transfer fluid, it can be used normally even in cold areas
  • Enjoy the ten-year warranty of high-quality collectors
  • AIG product liability insurance protects users’ rights and interests
  • 150L, 200L, 300L systems to meet the needs of different home users

Product Feature

Titanium blue enamel coating has excellent corrosion resistance and complies with Australian standards and German DIN4753 standards. The resistance against 85℃ hot water.

The system is equipped with high sensitivity P/T relief valve to ensure the safety of the system. The Valve is CSA, ASME, ANSI, FHA approved.

High-efficiency anode rod anti-corrosion system, which uses the cathode action to protect the inner tank surface from corrosion.

The option intelligent controller realizes the function of timing heating, anti-freezing protection of water tank, failure alarm, heating mode setting and other functions.

The double-layer aluminum frames keep the structure much stronger, and have a better insulation effect

High quality blue selective coating absorber improves system efficiency

The patent corner protector design makes it more safety during the transportation and installation.

The thickened high-density insulation system effectively improves the insulation effect

How it Works

SolAqua thermosiphon hot water system, which will be installed on the roof-top of the building, operates on the principle of thermal siphon, when the heat transfer liquid is heated, the heated part will rise naturally and the cold part will sink, creating a state of natural circulation. This system is simple, efficient, safe, and reliable:

  1. The flat plate collector absorbs solar radiation energy and heats the antifreeze/heat transfer fluid. The density of the fluid decreases when the temperature increases and goes up naturally.
  2. The heat transfer fluid goes through the copper tube inner circulation into the jacket layer of the water tank, then transfer heat to the domestic water in the tank
  3. After heat transfer, the temperature and density of the fluid decrease, and it returns to the flat plate collector.
  4. The heat transfer fluid will be heated again and rises into the jacket layer of the water tank, and transfers the heat to the domestic water again. By doing so, the solar radiation energy is transferred to the domestic water until the water in the tank is heated to the set temperature

As the system works according to the thermal siphon, there’s no need to install any additional circulation pump, and only to make sure the pipeline from the solar water storage tank to the solar collector drops more than 10° continuously to ensure the normal operation of the system.

Depending on the different operating environments of the system, the user can choose a direct circulation system or an indirect circulation system. When the water quality meets the requirements of the system and the annual ambient temperature is not less than 0 ° C, a direct circulation system can be installed. Please contact sales consulting to select a suitable system.


ModelCSWH 150ACSWH 200ACSWH 300A
Capacity applicable to2~3 people3~4 people4~5 people
Specification for solar collector
Collector ModelSHT 2000ASHT 2500ASHT 2000A
Dry Weight35 kg45 kg35 kg X 2
Size2000*1000*76 mm2000*1220*76 mm2000*1000*76 mm
Net Aperture1.85 m22.28 m2 1.85 m2 X2
Header Pipe Diameter22m222m222m2
Absorber CoatingBlue Selective Coating Blue Selective Coating Blue Selective Coating
Fluid Capacity1.3L1.6L1.3L
Max Working Pressure0.85 Mpa0.85 Mpa0.85 Mpa
Glass CoverLow iron temperedLow iron temperedLow iron tempered
Specification for water storage tank
Storage Capacity150 L200 L300L
Boost Capacity(Electric)75L100L150L
Weight(Empty)55 kg65 kg100 kg
Weight(Full)205 kg265 kg400 kg
Diameter555 mm555 mm555 mm
Width1205 mm1545 mm2200 mm
Working Pressure0.85Mpa0.85Mpa0.85Mpa
MaterialTitanium blue enamel coatingTitanium blue enamel coatingTitanium blue enamel coating
Electric Booster(Optional)1.8kW, 2.4kW, 3.6kWW, 4.8kW1.8kW, 2.4kW, 3.6kWW, 4.8kW1.8kW, 2.4kW, 3.6kWW, 4.8kW


Thermosiphon Open Circuit Solar Water Heater
Thermosiphon Closed Circuit Solar Water Heater
Thermosiphon Closed Circuit Solar Water Heater with Cooling tank

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