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Located in Handan City, Hebei Province, the project calls for winter heating and daily hot water supply for three different forest fire brigades. According to the fire brigade chief’s introduction, they adopt to use of the vacuum tube solar hot water system before, but due to the poor local water quality, the water tank is easy to form a large scale in a short time, which causes the vacuum tube solar hot water system can not work normally, winter heating and hot water needed can be only provided through electric heating, but the electric bill is extremely high. In order to solve the above problems, SolAqua has designed a solar + biomass multi-energy complementary heating system for its customers.


System Overview

  • Collector Qty: SOLAQUA 4X10H  x 12pcs/44.64M2
  • Total investment in the solar system: $16200.00
  • Heating area: 85㎡, (bathroom 70㎡, room 15㎡)
  • Heating capacity: 241600 kcal/day
  • Heating duration: 121 days
  • Design heating index: bathroom 150W /㎡, room 80W /㎡
  • Water Storage Tank: 1 Ton x 2pcs
  • Usage: Daily hot water and Winter space heating
  • Biomass bolier: 20kW x2pcs

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