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Double leakage testing to avoid any leaking

In order to avoid the leaking of the absorber, SolAqua will do the leakage testing twice during the process. The first leakage testing is done after the grid forming. Once a leakage is found, it will be reworked immediately. It can effectively improve work efficiency and reduce rework costs and get a high qualified rate of finished products.

<Compressed Air Leakage Testing>

The double-check of the leakage is done after the laser welding of the absorber, it can make sure there’s no leaking of all the absorbers.

< Absorber Leakage Testing>

Because of the strictly quality control system, we have the confidence to provide the clients with 10 years of warranty on our solar collectors. Trust me, it will be cost-effective to pay a little bit more to get a qualified, stable, and high-performance solar collector.

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