How Split Solar Water Heater Works

Essential Parts of a Split Solar Water Heater SystemA standard split solar water heater system includes these main components:1. Solar Thermal Collectors (Evacuated Tube or Flat Plate)2. A Circulation Pump3. A System Controller4. One or More Hot Water Storage Tanks5. A Backup Energy Source How It Works1. The solar collector captures sunlight and harnesses its […]

What are the differences between Solar Thermal Collector and Solar PV Panel

While selling the flat plate solar collectors, I always meet clients who ask questions like: how much electricity can your collector generate? Your collector looks the same as PV, what’s the difference? Is your product an anti-dumping product? etc. I found that most retail clients don’t know how to distinguish between two products, and don’t know how to choose the right one for their home.

Double leakage testing to avoid any leaking

In order to avoid the leaking of the absorber, SolAqua will do the leakage testing twice during the process. Because of the strictly quality control system, we have the confidence to provide the clients with 10 years of warranty on our solar collectors.