How Split Solar Water Heater Works

Essential Parts of a Split Solar Water Heater System
A standard split solar water heater system includes these main components:
1. Solar Thermal Collectors (Evacuated Tube or Flat Plate)
2. A Circulation Pump
3. A System Controller
4. One or More Hot Water Storage Tanks
5. A Backup Energy Source

The Fundamentals of Solar Power

How It Works
1. The solar collector captures sunlight and harnesses its energy, subsequently heating the contained fluid.
2. This warmed fluid is then propelled toward the hot water tank by the circulation pump.
3. As sunlight is harvested throughout the day, the temperature inside the hot water tank progressively increases.
4. In cases where solar energy is unable to sufficiently heat the water, a backup energy source (such as electricity, gas, or oil) steps in to ensure optimal water temperature.
The model of operation outlined above is as relevant to commercial applications as it is to residential setups, with the primary differences lying in the number of collectors, the potency of the circulation pump, and the storage capacity for hot water. In commercial settings, solar hot water systems usually act as a “pre-heater” to supply warmed water to the existing boiler equipment.

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